Individual Consultation



Life is full of stuff. And sometimes that stuff can really get in the way. Uncle Harry’s advice about what you need to do at this point in your life may have come from his genuine desire to help you out (as if you needed it), but Harry’s ideas might be, well, kinda wrong.

Financial security requires that you do a few things well. Yes, you read that correctly - we said “a few things.” So let’s sit down and see if we can’t untangle this rat’s nest together.

Annual Calendar

Typically, this is the schedule we’ll follow if we’re doing a combination of consulting advice and investment management:

Third Quarter

  • Portfolio performance/evaluation

  • Estate document review (wills, trusts, power of attorney, etc.)

Fourth Quarter

  • Portfolio rebalance

  • End of year tax planning + options

  • ACA/Medicare enrollment review

  • Employee benefit election review

    • Insurances

    • 401K

First Quarter

  • Prior year review

    • Cash flow and budgeting, debt advice

    • Credit score and report

    • Portfolio performance

    • Tax reporting data

  • Update and track projections for retirement, college, etc.

Second Quarter

  • Portfolio rebalance

  • Insurance review: Life, Disability, Home/Auto umbrella

  • Annual billing review