Feel like the System’s stacked against you?


Here’s the deal:

For many people, participating in the financial system that exists today involves purchasing a product through a financial “advisor.” That may leave them feeling a bit like they’re reaching through barbed wire in order to access resources tailored for them.

We believe the current system isn’t designed with their best interests in mind; in fact, we believe it was designed by those most likely to benefit from the barbed wire. 

We believe that the relationship should be altered - permanently - to be designed around the needs of individual investors. And that you, savvy investor that you are, should be an active participant in the design of your own financial system.

About You

I’m single.
Wanting to plan ahead.

Glad to hear it! Like eating right and exercising, doing the right thing today can prevent major problems down the road. Funny how everyone knows this, but few apply it to their financial fitness as well.

We’re a family,
which means change is constant.

Maybe you’re newly married, planning a family. Maybe your only kids have four legs, fins or feathers. Maybe you’ve achieved that most remarkable goal: the kids are gone, and so is their stuff.

I’m a business owner
in need of advice.

A clear financial path will help you navigate the ups and downs of business ownership. Like sailing, you adjust your course to give you the optimal path based on the conditions you’re facing in the moment.


Our Story

Like you, we’re busy people.

We sometimes find it difficult to prioritize. Sometimes we get frustrated when we’re working outside of our expertise (ask Derek about his recent foray into kitchen plumbing).

All this is to say, we’re human. And we’ve designed a business that puts other humans at the center of our practice. So before we get to know you, we understand that you might want to get to know us a little.