Pricing + Services


We plan to invest a lot of time and attention in your financial situation.

We respectfully ask that you consider an investment in us.

Our goal is to keep this as simple, flexible and transparent as possible. So we’re happy to discuss this in detail, but here’s our starting point. We bill one of two ways: as a percentage of assets or a flat fee for consulting. The flat fee can be paid out of your cash flow or out of your assets.

We realize this can be confusing, so let’s clarify.

Comprehensive Financial Management

This is our preferred way of working, since it maximizes our time spent in designing a comprehensive program with you. We base this on two things: the time we spend with you in planning/advising, and our work/liability as your fiduciary and portfolio manager.

  • 0.5% - 1.50% annual fee as a percentage of assets under management (on average, the majority of our clients fall within a 0.85% - 0.95% range), and/or

  • Billed as flat fee: $3900++ annually.

  • We’ll consider alternative billing arrangements, such as a combination of lower percentage plus flat fee schedule. 

  • This includes the annual service calendar we’ve described on our “About You” pages.

Consulting/Advice/Planning Only

In a situation where you take responsibility for managing your investments, our relationship will be consultative only. In that case, we’d determine your preference for compensation:

  • Project: $1500++. The terms and deliverables from a project engagement are determined individually.

  • Ongoing Retainer/Subscription: $100++/mo

  • Hourly (negotiable for ad-hoc consulting)

Investment Management Only

In this scenario, we take responsibility for managing your investment portfolios, but will not provide planning/consulting/advice services. Our compensation can be either a percentage of assets managed, OR a flat fee.

  • Billing percentage starts at 0.6% per annum, negotiated/decreasing from that rate depending on the size and complexity of your portfolio.

  • Billing as a flat fee begins at $500 per annum, negotiated/increasing from that rate depending on the size and complexity of your portfolio.