Here to help others have a healthier relationship with money


Melissa Niedzielski

Derek and I are on the same path in many ways. We both believe that the financial services industry should be accessible to anyone and everyone and we want to shift the way people think about this industry. Most people I talk to that are my age don’t feel like they’re able to get involved. They’re holding themselves back.

My zone of genius as a coach is working with my clients to identify limiting beliefs and fears that are holding them back from creating more abundance in their lives. I am big on financial stewardship and financial intelligence. You must know what you make, what you spend and how to save in order to invest and grow your assets and create real wealth (and financial security - whatever that means for you) in your life.

I LOVE new challenges and joining Derek's team to help this business grow and spread his message truly resonated with me. Let’s start the conversation!

We’re located at 1014 Sixth Street, Traverse City MI 49684

Yep, that’s the Tower of London baby!

More about Melissa

  • Met and married my soulmate in Traverse City - VERY happily married to Matthew

  • Avid tea drinker

  • Dog mom to Woosaa @OneRuffLife on Instagram

  • Traverse transplant - lived here for 4 years now

  • Anything outdoors calls my name - paddle boarding down rivers, hiking, golfing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, beach, water in general, etc.