Family Consultation



Go to a typical financial advisor and you may find that they view your financial future through the scope of the products they offer. Seriously? What a fortunate coincidence — for them.

We believe that there are as many ways to build your financial plan as there are goals you’re targeting for your family: current needs, future security, managed risk and accounting for those inevitable financial misfires. 

Enough of this “ready, fire, aim” stuff. Consult with an advisor whose goal is to help you hit the mark, where and when you need to hit it.

Annual Calendar

Typically, this is the schedule we’ll follow if we’re doing a combination of consulting advice and investment management:

Third Quarter

  • Portfolio performance/evaluation

  • Estate document review (wills, trusts, power of attorney, etc.)

Fourth Quarter

  • Portfolio rebalance

  • End of year tax planning + options

  • ACA/Medicare enrollment review

  • Employee benefit election review

    • Insurances

    • 401K

First Quarter

  • Prior year review

    • Cash flow and budgeting, debt advice

    • Credit score and report

    • Portfolio performance

    • Tax reporting data

  • Update and track projections for retirement, college, etc.

Second Quarter

  • Portfolio rebalance

  • Insurance review: Life, Disability, Home/Auto umbrella

  • Annual billing review